Weetbix – Brewing a Yeastie Boys PKB 2011 remix (Weemix)

Down the Brewery the other evening (the Cassels bar, not just out in my shed) I saw a label on one of the guest taps that I thought said “Weetbix”. I could not figure out why someone would name a beer after a dry flaky biscuit that has all the flavour of cardboard? Perhaps it was yet another beer aiming to be classed in with the controversial Moa breakfast beer? Were they aiming for something along the lines of an “Up and Go” which has the “Goodness of 2 Weetbix and Milk” in a carton? Now a milk stout brewed with wheat must be getting pretty close to this! I was mulling this over as I waited to get to the bar. When I got close enough to read the label properly I found out it was actually called Weemix, which still seemed like a strange name. Knowing that the Yeastie boys do a remix of their PKB (Pot Kettle Black) brew each year and seeing that this had an ABV of 3.6% I quickly figured out that this was their little (wee) remix of their PKB.

The commercial description for Weemix is

“The annual remixed and remastered beer that celebrates our (still unique) achievement of winning a BrewNZ category and the Beervana People’s Choice Award in one tremendous weekend at BrewNZ 2009. This year, following on from our 6.66% “Stout Mix” of 2009 and our 6.8% Black IPA “US Mix” of 2010, we take things down a few levels with a 3.5% “mild” version for tap and handpump only.

PKB “Weemix” is pretty much the same recipe (and ratios) as the regular version but everything is pulled down a notch or three. It hearkens back to a mild homebrew version that Stu brewed upon Sam’s return to NZ in 2008. It has all the delicious malt and hop character of the original but you can easily have 4 pints instead of 2. What more can we ask for amongst all the big beers that winter inevitably seems to bring… “

I really enjoyed the beer. Low alcohol so you can have a few pints, but full of dark malty flavours and well balanced hop bitterness and aroma. Later that evening I commented that I had enjoyed the Weemix on the Realbeer forum and mentioned that I would like to brew something similar to enjoy at home. Stu of the Yeastie boys happened to notice. He kindly offered up his recipe and some recommendations of what he would do if he rebrewed it. I am planning on brewing this in the next week and if all goes according to plan I will send a rigger of my brew to Stu as way of thanks and so he can compare it with his.

I am stoked that a company who are passionate about their beer are so willing to put their recipe out into the public forum. Yeastie Boys are not your usual brewing business, as they do not own a big brewery to produce their product. Rather they brew in small volume to figure out their recipe and then contract Invercargill Brewery to brew the beer for them. This gives them the flexibility to release just beer that they want, when they want rather than having to have a stock range of beer that sells every day to pay for the big brewery to keep running. This flexibility brings diversity to the NZ beer market and gives people something new to try, which I personally think is great as I love trying new beers!

Anyway, I am calling my rebrew of this recipe Weetbix. As Nate has suggested I will have to put a couple of actual Weetbix in the brew just for extra laughs.

Anticipated OG:    1.038

Anticipated SRM:    33.3
Anticipated IBU:      30.0
Wort Boil Time:          60
%    Name
46.5 Golden Promise
34.9 Munich II
11.6 Crystal 90
4.6 Pale Chocolate Malt
2.4 Black Patent Malt

Amount    Name        Boil Time
x.x g/l Nelson Sauvin        60 min. (enough to hit desired IBU)
1.8 g/l Nelson Sauvin         0 min.
1.8 g/l NZ Styrian Goldings   0 min.
1.8 g/l NZ Cascade            0 min.
0.8 g/l NZ Styrian Goldings  Dry hop (for 3 days from end of krausen)

Wyeast 1968, pitch at 18c and let rise to 20c
Mash Schedule
Mash Type: Single Step @ 69c


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Mountain biking and beer brewing Zane. Mountain biking since 87 and love it. I really enjoy getting outback on challenging trails in real mountains with like minded mates. http://mountainbikingzane.wordpress.com/ Brewing since 2010 and the beer keeps getting better. https://inzanebrew.wordpress.com/
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