I love good tasting beer, and I love trying new beer. My passion for good beer has lead me to start brewing my own, and I am loving being able to craft great beers at home. There is a huge amount to learn, and with so many different variables the art of brewing is going to keep me entertained for a very long time!

Life is too short to waste it by drinking crap beer!

I currently live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I spend a fair amount of my free time riding my mountain bike out in our mountains and write up some of my trips over here http://mountainbikingzane.wordpress.com/ There is nothing better than a beer with mates after a fantastic day out on the bike!

I have a degree in Food Technology and so far have swung from working in the cycling industry to working in the food industry and back a few times. Currently working for Ground Effect.

I am brewing on basic equipment. A 40L stainless steel pot, a 3 ring gas burner and mash tun made from a chilly bin which I usually do a simple batch sparge in. I also have an old fridge with a thermostat which I use as my temperature control for fermentation. I ferment in plastic carboys and am still bottling all my beer but would like to move onto kegging at some stage soon. I would dearly love to upgrade my equipment to something shinier with pumps etc, but due to current space  and money constraints this might be a couple of years away.


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